Standard Tickets

All purchases of this ticket will be reviewed to ensure they fit the criteria listed at the bottom of this page.
£ 299 per person

Vendor tickets

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£ 899 per person
  • Full Price £1099
Early Bird

With Your Ticket You Can Expect:

Full access to the entire event – watch 2 days of live content

Be part of interactive live panels and presentations with Q&A’s and Polls

Get 14 days of unlimited access to watch every session on-demand

7 day early access to see the full list of attendees and speakers. Filter to identify the right person and/or company to ensure you don’t miss a single new opportunity

Book unlimited 1-on-1 video meetings with your global peers, speakers and sponsoring companies in individual virtual meeting rooms

Dedicated speed networking sessions designed to accelerate your business contacts

Interactive, smaller roundtable sessions to share your knowledge with the Solar and Storage Community


Our Ticket Categories are determined by Company Activity.

Standard tickets are available for (but not limited to): Asset Owners/Investment Funds, Banks, Developers/IPPs, Equity Investors, Financiers, Government/Local Authorities, Large Energy Users and Utilities.

Vendor tickets are intended for companies selling a service or product to Developers, Utilities, Asset owners, Government, Regulators, Distribution or Transmission Operators.

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